Jim Stone 2015 07 js head      These images were all taken by Jim Stone a.k.a. “The Itinerant Eye”

Jim is an amateur photographer whose education to the world of arts developed over many years. In 1966, the naïve country boy from Southern Arizona suddenly found himself with the opportunity to live in Guatemala for a couple of years.   Lacking any knowledge of the craft, but realizing the photogenic nature of that country, he purchased a little 35mm camera, read the instructions on the airplane, and began his adventures. Despite the number of inevitable snapshots, artistic results began to show up, and the growth began. Over the next couple of years, he accumulated several hundred slides that later he utilized to entertain dates, friends and associates. That experience whetted his appetite for landscape photography, and for international travel, which has since taken him to about 25 countries.

As life goes on, many years were spent shooting family events and trips, but the artistic side continued to sneak out from under the snapshot-y nature of family life. He also broadened his experience by serving for many years as the company photographer and videographer for a large industrial company in Vermont. Jim has lived in the Zion area since 2011, having chosen it as the retirement spot, and has been photographing it ever since.

Since converting to digital media he has recorded images of scores of locations, usually found while traveling or hiking. As an opportunistic photographer, if he sees a potential image wherever it happens to be, he shoots it. Typically he does not schedule photographic trips per se, but invites his camera to accompany him often.

Most subjects involve geographical locations with their flora and fauna. Sites in Alaska Arizona, Southern Utah, New England, Guatemala, Death Valley, Civil War Battlefields, and other countries are favorites. He has traditionally maintained his collection for his personal pleasure only, but, as his arm has been twisted by loved ones to share his work, he has decided to exhibit and offer for sale.

He does not alter the image by inserting clouds or other foreign elements in order to increase visual impact, nor by introducing artificial colors or hues. He has chosen to limit enhancements to slight improvements in contrast or saturation, or to remove minor distractions.

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