Industrial Photography


The Itinerant Eye offers service to industrial and commercial clients.   We produce images of plant sites, buildings, equipment, and processes, per client instructions.

The photographer is well practiced, as he accrued many years as the in-house photographer for a multi-national industrial firm. He is also an experienced and accredited aerial photographer. He knows his way “around the shop”, is familiar with safety rules, and respects proprietary information.

He confers closely and personally with the client, in order to understand the true purpose of the images. It is his desire that the imagery capture the essence of what the client wants to show, not simply be a photographic trophy.

Examples of uses of his skills:

  • Show the beauty of buildings products, sites.
  • Show the efficiency, cleanliness, etc. of facilities and processes
  • Show worn or stressed equipment and processes for capital equipment justification
  • Provide imagery for marketing communication documents.
  • Provide documentation of catastrophic failure of systems or equipment

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