Utah – Confluence Park

Actually, there are two parks near here called “Confluence Park”.  There is one in St. George, UT, and then there is this one, in La Verkin, UT.

This park contains the confluence of the La Verkin River, Ash Creek, and the Virgin River, all within a few feet of each other.

Any one of rivers, or any combination of them can be very small, or can swell to many times their size, depending upon the rain patterns upstream.

The park provides a diorama explaining the history, flora, and fauna, and provides a number of trails for hiking and/or horseback riding.

This area was an area settled by the early Mormon settlers, including Levi Savage, a settler of historical note for his work in settling the Mormons here, and in participating in the famous handcart companies.  Later attempts at agriculture have been present in the past, and some pasturage of cattle continues to this day.

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