Zion – Angel’s Landing Trail

Angel’s Landing is one of the more celebrated hikes in Zion.  It’s about 2-1/2 miles in length (one way).  The first 2 miles are up a well-maintained trail that ascends at first moderately, then more steeply, passing through a series of switchback turns, then continues through a long shady canyon called Refrigerator Canyon.  The trail continues up 21 more switchbacks (called Walter’s Wiggles, pictures Z17 & Z18) and arrives at a saddle called Scout’s Landing.  you can see that point in picture Z17 just at the top of Walter’s Wiggles, and the view is spectacular! Most hikers can make it here without experiencing an undue fear of falling, as the trail is wide, so we suggest this trail to all up to that point.

The remaining 1/2 mile, however, takes one over very narrow sections of trail, some of which are quite steep.  It requires scrambling over rocks, some of them covered in loose sand.  The danger of falling is real, and chains are provided in a number of places to hold on to.  Persons with an inordinate fear of heights, or who suffer from vertigo should consider carefully whether to proceed beyond this point.

If you’ve climbed this, congratulations!  You DESERVE to have a print or two from this collection, or one of the aerial views!

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